Ok, yea, so maybe it's been a while since I posted

So…I’ve been busy. Quite busy since the last time I posted. Let’s see, I got married, added 2 greyhounds to the family, repaired things from Hurricane Irma, been digging into all things DataStax, and I have a child on the way (due March 15th). On the DataStax and KillrVideo front I added both a graph based recommendation engine with DSE Graph and recently DSE Search capability for all video searches in the Java version. We also have SparkSQL fun coming up here soon as well. All of the application code is available for folks to really do whatever they want with it. Feel free to leave comments, issues, or make pull requests if you have something fun to add. My main goal is for KillrVideo to be useful to folks trying to figure this stuff out.

Once Spark gets into the mix KillrVideo will cover the 4 horsemen of DataStax Enterprise, namely,
Cassandra, Graph, Search, and Analytics.

And then…
…this battle station will be fully operational!!!!

Mostly, except for some unfinished turbo lasers, maybe some panels, like a whole hemisphere worth, just some small items really.

Sooooo much cool stuff coming!

Seriously, new OpsCenter, Studio, and DSE everything updates on the way along with a child, but that last one is not part of the normal development cycle….kind of a side project. Once I can talk about some of the new changes I’ll start posting and getting things worked into code.

Until then I’ll be posting about much of what I’ve been up to this last year and passing on some things I’ve learned while wrapping my tendrils around all of this NoSQL distributed database stuff. Fun for all I’m sure. ;)